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The Business Development Bootcamp
You’re Awesome At What You Do…
But Your Bank Account Says Otherwise
Let Me Help You Turn Your Skills Into Sales So That You Can Make The Impact And The Income You’re Looking For, Selling To Corporate Organisations
It doesn’t matter if you’ve never sold to corporate companies before - or even if you ‘escaped’ corporate to create your own business. I’m going to show you how you can get the step-by-step foundational skills to successfully sell your services to companies!

You’re not going to have to be ‘everywhere’ or create new content all the time. You won’t have to try a million different strategies or show up on a bunch of social media platforms. In fact, you can avoid social media altogether if you’d like! All you need to do is follow the simple plan that I’m about to show you

and amazing things will happen.

When I first started my business, I was doing a lot of the same things that you’re probably doing right now. 

I was listening to podcasts.
In Facebook Groups listening to a lot of (bad!) advice.
Spending a lot of time consuming content… and not enough time actually implementing.
Not to mention the fact that I ended up buying a bunch of 12 week courses where they taught the same things in the same order… and I became cynical and frustrated by the industry I was operating in.

Now here’s the thing - I don’t have a sad story about my business failing and not doing well until a moment of clarity when everything changed. Annoyingly, my business took off. 

I made money.
Became successful.
Spoke at incredible events.

But I remained frustrated. 

I was watching highly qualified people go from confident corporate escapee to downtrodden, trying to sell their services for peanuts, business owners. 

There was no freedom. No ‘work/life balance’.

Just a never-ending stream of Facebook posts, private messages and emails from people telling me that they didn’t know what had gone wrong. 

That they’d ended up in this online space as a qualified leader with real skills and qualifications and were working themselves into the ground just to make 20K a year.

I took a good hard look at the online world and knew that something HAD to change.
I looked at my clients who were killing it. The ones who were successfully making changes, making money and who were enjoying their businesses.
And in total transparency?
There were two camps.

#1: The ‘relatively early and super social’ business owners who were either early adopters of the online scene or who loved being online, reactive and creating a constant stream of social content.

#2: The ‘selling to corporate’ crowd. The business owners who were done with social media and who just wanted to get paid properly for their expertise.

And out of the two groups?

The business owners selling to corporates, made more money in a quicker time and were happier.
They were taking more holidays, using their weekends to genuinely rest and they were spending their days having intelligent conversations, doing best practice business development and delivering great projects for awesome organisations.

In short, they were more successful, more profitable and more emotionally fulfilled.
I sat down at my kitchen table with a piece of paper. On that piece of paper, I listed the ways that they’d become successful;
  • Clarity: Knowing their ideal corporate client and the transformations that they were looking for.
  • Creating the perfect corporate USP: Knowing what made them super special and incredibly valuable to corporate organisations so that they’d get paid top dollar for quality work.
  • ​Creating the best corporate offer: The offer that was super profitable without being totally time consuming and that would get maximum transformation (without having to be in-person or trading time for hours!)
  • ​Consultative selling: So that they were positioned and recognised as a credible brand partner and valued supplier vs being an irritating nightmare that called every week and bored stakeholders senseless.
  • ​Created proposals that convert: Simple proposals that gave the stakeholder the ability to sign off on multi-five and six figure contracts.

I finally knew the truth… 
All online business owners should be adding a corporate revenue stream to their business.

I didn’t need them to only sell to corporates.
But I knew that there were a certain breed of business owners who needed to sell their services to corporate organisations who genuinely valued them and wanted to pay for their expertise.
But there was just one thing
that really sucked…
Everyone else in the online world was still banging the ‘build your lifestyle business’ drum. And so I was watching smart, qualified business owners still feeling like failures and rejecting selling to corporate organisations in case it made them a ‘sell out’.
That’s why I stepped up.
Because I have made money online.
And I’ve helped a bunch of people do the same.
All the time, I’ve had numerous corporate consulting contracts of my own.
Speaking for a day and charging £10K +
Training some of the worlds biggest brands on consultative selling.
Enjoying the perks that come from working with big businesses across the globe.
Teaching other entrepreneurs how to add super profitable, super simple corporate revenue streams.
And selling to corporates? SO. MUCH. EASIER.
You can do it too - using Business Development Bootcamp!

Business Development Bootcamp is the first course of its kind; the true foundations of selling to corporate organisations, specifically designed for online entrepreneurs.
Here’s The Reason Why
Business Development Bootcamp Is So Effective
It’s very hard to run a business when you’re not making money - or the money that you want to be making. This is one of the only courses out there that has a ‘sales first’ approach. Instead of focusing on non-revenue generating tasks, every single step in this foundational course is designed to help you sell to corporate organisations.

I’ve not wasted your time by convincing you to complete thousands of modules with tons of worksheets that don’t get you anywhere. Instead, I’ve created a super simple course that gets you taking immediate action and seeing results so that you can hit your next sales goal; whether it’s your first corporate sale or your five hundredth!

Here’s What’s Included
Inside Business Development Bootcamp
Clear, Curated Success Plan
As soon as you join, you’ll be given access to the Business Development Bootcamp where you’ll have immediate access to the four core modules you’ll be using to make corporate sales simple!

And I know… four modules doesn’t sound like a lot. But, truth be told, these online courses are keeping you stuck in procrastination with tons of modules. I’ve streamlined massively so that you can complete the foundations you need without getting overwhelmed and stuck. Instead, you’ll be taking action right from the moment you sign up - and seeing wins that keep you going and make you £££.

These modules include;
  • How to create your corporate USP so that you can win more market share and sign more clients
  • Create a corporate offer that converts, is super profitable and gets the best result for your client in the quickest timeframe.
  • ​Understand consultative selling so that you are positioned to corporate companies as a credible partner that they want to work with, rather than an ‘irritant’.
  • How to create proposals that convert so that you’re always spending your time in the most productive and profitable way.

So… How Much Do I Have To
Invest To Join Business Development Bootcamp?
When I work one-on-one with clients, my day rate is £8,000. If you wanted to join one of my intimate group programmes, you’d be paying £2K +
But when you join Business Development Bootcamp today, you’re not going to have to pay anywhere near that price.
You can join for an investment of just £997

Here’s Why You Need To  
Honestly? I could wax lyrical about not having huge launches all that often.
And I could definitely tell you more about how I never put sales on.
But here’s the thing. We both know you don’t care about that stuff.
You either want the product and the results - or you don’t.

And honestly? I don’t mind which.

My clients already selling to corporates are acing it - and keeping me super busy and super proud.
But I do want YOU to make the best decision for YOU.

2020 is going to be one of the hardest years that we’ll ever see in the online business world.
And whilst you’re fighting for attention in the newsfeed, other people are already successfully implementing what I’m teaching and using it to land major corporate contracts.
Don’t wait.

Frequently Asked Questions
What if I’ve never sold to corporates before? Will this work for me?
This course has been designed (and successfully tested) by online entrepreneurs who’ve never sold to corporates before. Even if you have no prior experience of selling to corporate, this course will give you the foundations you need to do so successfully.
Is this right for me?
Hmmm let me just make my psychic connection with you… I’m kidding! Look - you’re reading a sales page. I can’t tell you 100% that it’s right for you. But what I can do is say that if you’re someone who is running an online business, who is genuinely qualified in your field and who is ready to dedicate two hours per week to selling to corporate? Then you’re the person it was designed for. I also know what it’s like to worry about making investments - so if you have any questions, just drop me an email at with the subject line BDB QUESTION and I’ll personally reply super honestly so that you can make the best decision for you!
Is there a payment plan?
Yep of course! You can either pay in one installment of £997 or two installments of £498.50. There’s no penalty for paying in installments so do whatever works for your cashflow!
Can I get a refund?
Nope! We don't offer refunds on your purchase at any time. We don't encourage people to join without considering if it's the right decision and then expecting a refund if they're not the right fit. We'd rather you asked ANY questions and got the answers you need beforehand so that you can join in confidence :)

What do my clients say?

Jen Hall

Business Coach

Converting Corporates 2019 is the only event I have been to that gives you the A-Z and the nuts and bolts of achieving a truly profitable result!
This is a must attend event for anyone looking to work with corporates or who want to work with corporates more effectively.
Jessica Lorimer is TRUE expert in this area and gives you first hand advice on how to deal with real sales situations“

Fran Excell

Mindset Coach & Mentor

Converting corporates 2019 was exactly what I needed. I knew I had the seeds of an idea of the work I wanted to do in the corporate space but there were so many potential angles I could take that I didn't really know where to start .
It helped me hone in on the overarching concept that I was wanting to teach and the key problem I was wanting to solve.
Being able to ask so many questions really ensured that I went away with my plan of action, knowing what I was doing and the next steps to take to ensure my success making it feel easy."

Bahee Van de Bor

Paediatric Dietitian

“I always knew that I wanted to continue to work with brands, however I felt overwhelmed and didn’t really know where to start. When Jess released Converting Corporates I knew that it would be exactly what I was looking for. 

On the day, Jess delivered a program that helped me understand the process and the exact next steps that I needed to take. She shared incredible value and the information was presented very clearly . I left the conference feeling reassured and confident. Thanks for a great program! “

Holly Dunn

Nutritionist & Performance Coach

I came to Jessica Lorimer’s Converting Corporates 2019 event with no prior knowledge of how to sell to corporates - I had no prior business model as I was right at the outset of starting my business. I had heard great things about Jessica and had enjoyed a brief phone call with her but I didn’t really know what to expect and what I was getting myself into!
Jessica is a true breath of fresh air. She is an inspiring, talented straight-talking, honest, real and incredible business woman and sales expert. I was blown away by her ability to relate to each individual in the room and provide them with personalised value-add for their unique circumstances.
I cannot wait to work with Jessica in the future - I cannot recommend her or her event more highly!“

Becky Strafford

Change Management Consultant

“ Converting Corporates made me completely rethink how to approach and manage sales. Jessica’s refreshing views and approach helped me recognise sales as something that I don’t have to be scared of. In the three weeks since the event I’ve held more sales conversations and completed more business development then I have in the past 11 months. I have clarity on what I need to do but more importantly, I’m doing it, and seeing great results! Thank you. “

Liz Hutson

Nutritional Therapist

“ Converting Corporates was well worth attending. Jess is extremely knowledgeable, funny and ‘human’ and I learned a lot from her and the many other delegates. “
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