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You’re an expert at what you do…
But your bank account says otherwise.

Let me take the guesswork out of the B2B sales process and turn your skills into sales so that you can make the income (and impact!) you’re looking for…

The C Suite Logo

You’re an expert at what you do…
But your bank account says otherwise.

Let me take the guesswork out of the B2B sales process and turn your skills into sales so that you can make the income (and impact!) you’re looking for…

Regardless of whether you’ve been selling to corporate organisations for years - or whether you’re just starting to build that revenue stream… There is an easier way to build your corporate sales.

No ‘Facebook-ing’
No worrying about your next LinkedIn post. 
No creating endless content and hoping that it’s going to get spotted by the right hiring manager. 
No spammy, sleazy or gross sales techniques. 
  • Proven strategies that work with your personality and sales type..
  • A clear roadmap so that you always know what to do (and when to do it!)  
  • Simple, bitesize theory and easily actionable swipe files so that you don’t have to spend hours creating all the resources you need to take action.
  • And my support to make it happen and get your very best results!
Over the last ten years, my proven B2B sales framework has been responsible for the successes of literally thousands of sales people; both working in corporate organisations and entrepreneurs, looking to sell their services into companies.
You might not know me that well - yet… but you’ll have definitely heard of the companies that my clients have been selling to within the last twelve months alone. Companies like; Johnson and Johnson, Aviva, Amazon, Phillips, PepsiCo, Sellafield, Lululemon, NetApp, RedHat, SurveyMonkey, Morrisons and more.

Not only that, but our C Suite participants have been using my strategies to sell in over 12 countries and across over 17 different industries including;
  • Financial Services
  • Defence and Aerospace
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • ​FMCG
  • ​Food and Beverage
  • ​Public Sector (inc. Government Agencies)
  • ​Not for Profit (inc. Charities and Housing Associations)
  • ​Technology
  • ​Retail
  • Legal
  • ​Consultancy
  • ​Accounting
  • ​Education
  • ​Utilities
  • Financial Services
  • Defence and Aerospace
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • ​FMCG
  • ​Food and Beverage
  • ​Public Sector (inc. Government Agencies)
  • ​Not for Profit (inc. Charities and Housing Associations)
  • ​Technology
  • ​Retail
  • Legal
  • ​Consultancy
  • ​Accounting
  • ​Education
  • ​Utilities

And they’re also selling a range of products and services including;

Jessica Lorimer
  • ​Communications Training and Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Women’s Health Products
  • Menopause Training and Awareness
  • Change Management
  • ​Marketing (strategy + implementation)
  • Sales Training
  • ​Executive Coaching
  • ​Performance Management 
  • ​Talent Development Consultancy
  • ​Wellbeing Services (inc. Fertility consultancy, nutrition, stress management, resilience training and more)
  • ​Social Enterprise Partnerships
  • ​Lead Generation Training and Done For You Services
  • ​Content Creation + Copywriting
  • ​Translation Services
Alongside a whole host of other products and services that bring bigger benefits to corporate organisations.

Jessica Lorimer's The C Suite ® program has been an absolute game-changer. I knew I wanted to work with someone who could help me add a B2B revenue to my business. I was also intrigued by how I could take my 1:1 work with individuals from underrepresented groups — to offer it on a larger scale to organizations who needed help with diversity, equity and inclusion.

Five months into The C Suite ®, I was featured in Forbes as a DEI expert. Every day, I'm regularly engaging with key stakeholders in companies like Philips, Amazon, the IMF, Google, Tesla and more. I'm being asked to come in as a facilitator for companies with distributed teams, as a strategist for organizations looking to establish a multi-year DEI plan, and regularly invited to contribute to summits, podcasts, media and more. I even secured a paid keynote with PepsiCo and Frito Lay in the fall of 2020!

I've never worked harder nor have I had more fun in my business since joining the program. And I couldn't have done it without Jess's support, the top-notch resources and industry experts shared in The C Suite ®, and a safe space to find my voice as a thought leader, learning from the incredible network of talented professionals inside the community. And honestly? Having Jess is in your corner is a no-brainer if you want to sell to corporates, which every online business owner needs now to survive and thrive today. She's the perfect mix of no-nonsense, highly strategic and encouraging, and is a wealth of knowledge who's constantly challenging you to be a better professional and human. 

Cannot recommend The C Suite ® enough!

Kay Fabella - Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

Now if you’re on this page, I’m making a few assumptions about you - and here’s what I *think* I know. You’re either;

​Person A (Let’s call you Charlie!);
You’re just starting to consider implementing a corporate revenue stream. You might have left the corporate world behind and felt pretty disillusioned with it… but then you realised how valuable your skills are to corporate organisations (and how much more they’ll pay you than the B2C market!) and now you’re wondering about the best way to sell to corporates and start generating revenue in the simplest, easiest and quickest way possible. You might have already sold a few corporate contracts - but honestly? You’re not quite sure that you’ve built your sales process correctly and you don’t know where your next contract is coming from...

Person B (Let’s call you Alex!);
You’re already selling your products and services to corporate companies. In fact, you’ve likely been selling your services to corporate organisations for years. But you’re not happy with the revenue that you’re generating - and you’re starting to see your market share drop (and competitors start to work with your favourite clients.) You’re worried that this is a sign of things to come and know that in order to scale your sales, build a sales team and build the bigger business model that you want.

Regardless of who you feel most like, there is a solution - and it’s definitely The C Suite ®

There has never been a better time to sell to organisations ← I’ve been saying this since the beginning of this year - and even with a global pandemic, a worldwide shift in leadership, and a series of lockdowns across the globe?

Our C Suite participants have had their best business years yet. Including;

  • Anna who celebrated her first £30K month as a Trauma Consultant and Burnout Prevention Expert.
  • Bahee who had four deals signed in one week (and two in one day!)
  • Tom, who recouped his investment in just one contract - and who already has work lined up for next year!
  • ​Holly went from having just started her business - to signing regular clients in the Public Sector.
  • ​Baiba who signed her first £5K contract within 6 weeks of joining.
  • Andy, who hosted a virtual summit with over 2000 participants and launched his very own membership for corporate employees.
  • ​Emma went from ‘cursed by Covid’ with client cancellations to booking 400% more BD calls (and signing more contracts) within 1 month of joining!

Andy Storch - Talent Development Expert and Bestselling Author

So if you’re tired of working hard and pushing by yourself - and aren’t seeing the results that you want.

It’s time to change.

The corporate world is spending more than ever before on external suppliers. It was due to spend over two trillion dollars anyway - but when Covid-19 hit, and the world was plunged into uncertainty, corporate organisations needed more external suppliers than ever before.

Whether it was due to their reductions in permanent staff headcount and needing immediate support, a new wave of thinking across the DEI space or simply needing to prioritise different areas in immediate ways (remote working/ technology, work from home support and wellbeing initiatives) companies have had to make major changes this year.

And they’re still looking for external suppliers just like you to help them navigate the upcoming uncharted territory - and into the longer term.

That’s why inside The C Suite ® you get access to a proven framework that will support both your long and short term business goals.

  • Clarity;  to help you select a niche, set clear KPIs and design the best roadmap for your business (and so that me and my team can support you in your goals.)
  • Lead Generation;  to give you the exact tools and strategies you need to implement (along with all of the templates and swipe files you could ever dream of) so that you can generate warm, qualified leads that want to talk to you… and who already know that you’re the expert. *without creating tons of content #win
  • Business Development; to support you with genuine consultative sales skills that are proven to build mutually beneficial working relationships with your prospects, give proven strategies for effective, non-sleazy follow up and make sure that you’re always the number one choice for paid work.
  • Offers; learn how to create both cash injections and profitable long-term offers that meet the client’s needs and work well inside your business so that you’re able to win more business, charge premium prices and deliver on your own terms. No burnout here… Not only that, but we also teach you the exact ways to write proposals that convert (and the templates to do it with ease!)
  • Delivery and Up-Sell; The C Suite ® teaches you how to create the best delivery experiences and how to regularly re-sell to clients in the most consultative way so that you’re not always looking for that ‘next client’ to pay you and instead, are adding the most value to your client and the most profit to your bottom line.

Plus, you even get access to my Scale method to help you grow your business into a company that you can sell… if you want to!

Before I started working with Jess I was struggling with sales. I was predominantly marketing to individuals but wanted to work with organisations too. I was pushing out loads of great content, had my own Facebook group and a big list. But my messaging was mixed and nobody was buying from me. I was frustrated and felt like a failure.

Jess helped me to let go of the part of my business which wasn’t working and focus on what I enjoyed – working with organisations. She gave me the confidence to go left when everyone around me was going right and I ditched Facebook and my list and positioned myself on LinkedIn. 

 I followed a proactive outreach strategy online and off and five months later I have a healthy business where organisations are actually reaching out to me. I know exactly how I can help them and they’re quickly converting into paying clients! 

 Thank you Jess !

Julie Dennis - Menopause Coach & Consultant

Not only that, but The C Suite ® gives you all of the skills, swipe files, templates, tools and community so that you get the very best support, results and have FUN during the process.

So, what do you actually get in The C Suite ®?
Content That Converts
Business Development
Consultative Sales Skills
Great question! And honestly, The C Suite ® gives a LOT - so hopefully this handy checklist will help you understand exactly what you get access to;
The C Suite ® Resource Portal. A full suite of professionally accredited learning materials, focused around our proven framework. You get access to hundreds of email templates, follow up templates, proposal swipe files, call structures, content prompts and all of the strategies that you’ll need to successfully generate warm leads, do successful, best practice business development, create immediately sellable (and profitable) corporate offers and re-sell to clients in a consultative way so that you can focus on taking immediate action, generating revenue and delivering to clients..
Live Business Development Days. There are two and a half fully facilitated sales days per month. All run directly by me and can be attended by any participant inside The C Suite ®. These days include 3-4 separate sessions with a 90 minute lunch break and are made up of lead generation and sales tasks that you implement inside the training environment so that you learn new sales skills, have accountability to implement and take action regularly and see results faster. Sessions are run from 09:30 UK - 4pm UK on Fridays OR 1pm UK - 4pm UK on specific Monday afternoons. These are ‘dip in, dip out’ sessions and you don’t need to attend every session (or every BD day) but most people do - and love them!
Quarterly Check Ins. These forms are sent out once per quarter to each participant and are directly reviewed by me to make sure that you’re taking the right action/ focusing on the right activities. They are not 121 sessions - but I review all the forms and reach out to individuals if there’s anything that they need to change. We also use our weekly ‘Big Dog’ competition to track your metrics and support your progress. It’s down to each individual to participate and record your metrics - but you can be sure of support and guidance if you do. (And better results!)
Monthly Group Hot-Seat Calls. We have monthly group hot-seat calls for any questions you want to ask me via Zoom (instead of inside the Facebook Community!) to make sure that you’re able to get all the support you need.
The Private Facebook Community. A private community where I’m personally on hand Monday - Friday to answer questions, support you with customising materials, check through proposals, mind-map offers… and anything else you can think of! The Facebook Community also contains the most intelligent, fun and ambitious people that you could ever meet on the internet - so you’re able to get support, sensible advice and develop a network for cross-selling/ cross-promotion/ leads + referrals, too!
Accountability Sessions. These sessions are run by members of #TeamJess and are hosted inside the private C Suite only Zoom room. They’re designed so that participants can have clear times bookmarked in their diaries to complete work tasks, network and mind-map ideas with other participants and happen at least twice per month.
The C Suite ® only Zoom Room. In order to make sure that you have the best opportunities for co-working, networking and mapping new ideas with other participants, we have a C Suite only Zoom Room where you’re able to arrange networking/ discussion/ referral meetings with other participants. It’s a really popular way to meet other C Suiter-s and build your networks.
Hiring Manager and Guest Expert Clinics. We pay a variety of Guest Experts and Hiring Managers to share key skills and industry information with our C Suite participants so that you can learn more about how organisations really work, ask questions that you wouldn’t normally be able to ask on business development calls and gain new skills. Previous Guest Experts/ Hiring Managers have been from; Balfour Beatty, Chepstow Racecourse and more.      
One LIVE training per month. Each month, there is a new live training session that is accessible to every C Suite participant. These cover a variety of area / topics and are held in the first week of the month. Previous bonus trainings have included; Creating and Selling Corporate Retainers, Creating Corporate Cash Injections, Selling Licensed Trainings and more. Full replays are available in the Resource Suite.

Put simply, if you want to;

Stay accountable and strategic with regular business development, implement best business development practice and get help to win more business.
​Give you the practical and consultative sales skills - and supportive space to practice them - so that you are able to easily win business without ever feeling sleazy.
Teach you how to navigate high-pressure corporate situations including negotiations, referrals and board-level proposals.
​Help you package and sell at any level in organisations including; keynote talks, focused work-groups, workshops, virtual trainings, e-learning or licensed trainings and more.
​Give you a supportive environment, regular networking and strategic advice from Jess and other relevant partners including mindset experts, hiring managers and speaking experts so that you’re able to leverage the relationships and support that you gain from The C Suite ® to win more business, share wins and get advice and support on obstacles that you may face.
Practice innovative lead generation and marketing techniques that are a) completely free, b) avoid spray and pray social media marketing and c) position you as the market leader in your industry - even if you’ve never sold to corporate organisations before.

Then joining The C Suite ® is the BEST decision for you and your business.

Lisa Wynn - Master Certified Coach (ICF)

Janine & Jamie Capaldi - Digital Marketing Agency Owners

Adele Stickland - Professional Health Coach

Becky Strafford - Business Change Specialist


Here’s the thing, I know what it’s like to read one of these sales pages and think ‘that sounds great - but I’ve been burnt before’. And I get it.
But if you’re here? And you’ve read this far, then there are a couple of things that you need to know about me to make your decision.

1. I’m always around to answer questions. Seriously. If you’re considering joining but you want to ask a few things and make the right decision? Just email me; I’ll give you transparent answers - and you can make the right choice for you.

2. I’m going to be around in your C Suite journey. I didn’t create a group learning experience so that I could swan off to luxury locations and drink margaritas all day. (Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to… but then I’d get bored. And my team would be hacked.) Most people buy courses and never hear from the founder again… and that’s not how The C Suite ® works. You really will see me daily inside the Facebook Community, leading the business development days, running the monthly group hot-seats… in fact, you’ll likely be sick of the sight of me after twelve months. But you will also have a programme leader who can support you in hitting your goals, who’ll answer your questions and introduce you to a community that will be able to give you support, cheerleading and a network too.

3. I’m direct in my feedback ←This is important. I don’t waste time with BS and whilst I’m always polite, I’m going to tell you how it is… and what you need to do. I’m also going to tell you if you’re taking a wrong turn - and how to adjust when you need to. BUT - in order for me to support you - I need you to show up for you. Ask questions. Be inside the community. Show up for yourself and your business. In other words, you do your job on showing up and implementing - and I’ll do mine on making sure you have the best sales strategies possible for your business.

4. My paid clients get the best of me. People often ask me why my free Facebook group isn’t that busy or why I don’t have more free content. Honestly? I prefer to invest my time in those who’re investing in me so that they can get the very best results. And not watch me prat about on social media all day when they’ve got questions they need answering. So when you join The C Suite ® you’ll see that I prioritise client questions before my own social presence. And that Monday - Friday, I’m in there, answering questions and supporting my community in the best way possible. (#WeekendsAreForWine)

Making any investment in your business requires thought and careful consideration… but when you invest in The C Suite ®, you’re investing in a proven system that I’ve developed, tested and had professionally accredited so that you can get the very best learning experience and results possible.
It’s up to you - but I’m 100% in on my clients. So if you’re 100% in on making the most success from your business...

It's time to join.


Joining the C Suite has been incredible. 

I knew that I needed to give a real push and focus on my corporate work and it’s really helped me to do that. 

Jess is 100% dedicated to seeing you succeed. 

The combination of business development days, hot sets, educational resources and accountability ensures that you do the work and get results. 

Since focusing on corporates more I have secured one to one coaching opportunities, online training workshops and long term relationships for continuous work. 

If you are looking to break into the corporate world sign up to the C Suite.

Helen Packham - Speaking Coach & Trainer

I would absolutely recommend the C suite! Jess is a fantastic coach. She’s really knowledgeable about all aspects of corporate selling and is inspiring, encouraging and always at hand to answer our questions in the group or assist with crafting the perfect reply to a corporate business lead follow up. 

The material in our portal is really comprehensive and easy to work through and I absolutely LOVE the hands on business development days where we meet online and get implementing together! Jess has a real gift for breaking down business concepts and making them very easy to follow. 

 I am running my corporate business alongside a day job and 2 small children so don’t have much time to grow my biz but Jess has really helped me with creating a plan that fits with my situation and makes the most of the spare time I have.

Dr Celine Vousden - Mindset Coach

When Jess launched the C-Suite I knew that she was the best person to teach me how to work with brands. I had recently worked on a project with Wagamama and I wanted more of these fabulous projects! I had also literally resigned from my NHS post to start a freelance practice at Harley Street. I was terrified but excited. I assumed that I was building a B2C predominant business but instead, I now primarily work with the baby and toddler food brands or write evidence-based articles for pharmaceutical companies.

The breakthrough moment for me was when I had about 4 proposals accepted all at once. Prior to this, I didn't really believe that corporates would work with me. To my delight, using the follow-up process that Jess teaches, two proposals had been accepted on the same day. All whilst juggling motherhood and the ropes of a new online B2C business in the thick of COVID.

I have now secured two of my biggest business contracts (pricing that I never would have dreamed of charging prior to working with Jess). I definitely wouldn't have achieved this without the support inside the C-Suite. I now have clear strategies on how to convert new business leads and charge a fee that I believe reflects my level of expertise. However, this magnitude of success wouldn't have been possible without Jess's support and advice. If you've been thinking of joining C-Suite, don't hesitate. It really has been one of the best decisions I have taken for my business.

Bahee Van de Bor - Specialist Paediatric Dietitian

Joining the C Suite has revolutionized my first year in business! 

Jess goes above and beyond for her C-Suiters every single day. I feel so supported and I've learnt so much in 3 short months. 

The C Suite has transformed the way I think about working with corporate organisations and it's been one of the best investments and decisions I've ever made

Holly Dunn - Nutritionist and Performance Expert

I knew that I needed someone to help me to sell more in the business to business space. I was not very confident when it came to selling and closing and I knew that Jess could help me with that. 

The C Suite® is a brilliant programme and resource that has helped me to build my confidence to reach out to cold and warm leads and to take them through the business development process. I love the fact that there is also a Facebook group where C Suite® members can ask questions to Jess who is very helpful and responsive. 

We have regular BD days and group coaching calls with hotseats. Jess also utilises her expansive network of experts who share their knowledge and experiences. The support of the other people in the group is also genuine and extensive.

Jess has a wealth of knowledge and experience of the corporate world and gives an honest outlook. I like having access to the portal which is being constantly updated as well as to Jess herself in terms of Facebook group presence and the regular BD days, group coaching and bonus sessions.

Overall my experience has been a very positive one and to be honest if it wasn’t for the support from Jess and the group I’d have given up a long time ago. I would highly recommend both Jess and The C Suite® if you want to be able to sell to corporates or business to business.

Her methodology works if you’re prepared to put the work in and follow the process.

Sophie Edmond - Woman's Leadership Expert

'Jess is a coach like no other, I have worked with many coaches before finding her and none of them has come close to her integrity and ability to pinpoint the smartest solutions to any problem you are facing. 

Jess is incredibly smart and always seems to have the right answer for every question and working with her makes everything feel effortless and fun. She has the back of every single member of the C Suite®, and brings such a raft of experience from her corporate work which she shares so generously. 

Before meeting Jess I had no idea that my business or niche could even work in terms of selling to corporates, but she has shown me what is really possible and created a clear pathway to reaching those goals. 

If you are thinking of working with Jess, don't hesitate.'

Sandra Greenbank - Registered Nutritional Therapist and Functional Medicine Practitioner

I started working with Jess around April 20 - I had a number of SME clients that I consult with and I really wanted to get into bigger organisations - I'd been trying - and failing - to do that for a long time and quite frankly was quite frustrated.
Someone recommended me to Jess and I signed up pretty quickly. In 5 months I'd got my first corporate client and their initial order meant I'd got all my money back and more on my investment with Jess - and they are likely to do more with me.

For me, Jess has done a number of things:
1. She really opened my eyes to outreach - what structured outreach is and how to do it.
2. She was always able to offer detailed feedback on any proposals I put together which meant that with everyone one I was getting better over time - note that before this I'd never even got to the position of even submitting a proposal.
3. I really learnt a lot about listening to the customer and structuring a call with a prospective lead to really understand their business better so that I can put together a better proposal.
4. All the many other aspects of business development - and that it's not just about one thing but many things that you need to do consistently over time - Jess is always coming out with other ways to develop your business and other value adds that help you to grow in a sustained way.

I'd definitely recommend her.

Tom Manning - Founder Of Inspired Change

Before I started working with Jess I was struggling with sales. I was predominantly marketing to individuals but wanted to work with organisations too. I was pushing out loads of great content, had my own facebook group and a big list. But my messaging was mixed and nobody was buying from me. I was frustrated and felt like a failure.

Jess helped me to let go of the part of my business which wasn’t working and focus on what I enjoyed – working with organisations. She gave me the confidence to go left when everyone around me was going right and I ditched Facebook and my list and positioned myself on LinkedIn. 

I followed a proactive outreach strategy online and off and five months later I have a healthy business where organisations are actually reaching out to me. I know exactly how I can help them and they’re quickly converting into paying clients! Thank you Jess.

Julie Dennis - Menopause Coach & Consultant

I attended Jess’s Converting Corporate event in November 2019 and joined the C-Suite in April 2020. I signed up because I wanted to grow my business and I was struggling to do that with the impact of COVID. I was finding that companies were postponing work we’d pencilled in, I couldn’t get hold of my prospects as they were so busy and I wasn’t sure how to pitch my services during this strange and unusual time.

I chose to work with Jess because I have a corporate background, and I recognise that she has the breadth and depth of expertise to help me. I also saw at her event the type of people she attracts into her community and knew these would be great people to network with and learn from.

Within a month of joining the C-Suite I’d upped the number of business development calls I was booking from 4 a month to 4 a week - and it was taking so much less effort.

The calls are with companies who are interested and want to buy my services. I’m easily covering the cost of my investment and already booking new clients and forming great business relationships, just three months in.
Jess provides regular high-quality, interactive, targeted sales training and is quickly on hand to advise when I have a question. I’ve done all the work she’s asked for, and as a result, her approach has quickly helped me hone and target my business development activity so it gives great results - without taking all my time.
I now feel confident I can grow my business in 2020/21, even though we are facing such challenging economic times. 

Joining the C-Suite was definitely a good decision!

Emma Waltham - Career After Maternity Coach

Here's why you need to join today

Now I don’t go in for ‘faux urgency’... so I’m going to be completely honest with you here. It’s totally up to YOU if you want to join The C Suite ®.
But if we’re totally honest with each other? 

That’s going to take you a lot longer and your results will be a lot slower.

It would be irresponsible of me not to transparently explain that if you use ‘spray and pray’ sales techniques with corporate companies in order to try and ‘figure out’ how to sell to them… that you’re going to risk ruining any future relationships and stopping your sales flow.
Instead, make your life easy.

Grab your spot inside The C Suite ® and get access to the templates, strategies and leverage the relationships I’ve personally built with hiring managers in some of the worlds best companies and grow your own profit margins, scale your business and enjoy the life you want to build.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is The C Suite ®?
The C Suite ® is an actionable hybrid learning experience, designed to help you sell your services to organisations. The C Suite ® is made up of three parts; the Resource Suite with all the templates, swipe files and strategies you need to successfully sell to corporates, the Private Facebook Community where I answer questions and provide feedback Monday - Friday and the live sessions (business development days and group hot-seats) to help you take action, implement faster and get great support.

Is it in person?
The C Suite ® is a virtual experience and will be hosted in a learning management system, a community forum and will have one in-person meet during the year.

Is there a payment plan?
Yes. There is a payment plan available. Just click through to the payment options and you’ll be given the option to pay in full or in 12 installments. Once you commit to a payment plan, you are legally contracted to pay the full amount.

Can I get a refund?
Nope! We don't offer refunds on your purchase. I don't encourage people to join without considering if it's the right decision.. We'd rather you asked ANY questions and got the answers you need beforehand so that you can grab your spot with confidence :) If you have questions about whether you are the right fit for The C Suite ® feel free to email and I’ll respond personally.

Is this suitable for business owners who aren’t based in the UK?
The strategies being taught inside The C Suite® have worked with organisations across the globe. These strategies have been used and proven in over 15 countries so far and will work for small, medium and large corporations as well as public sector and government departments. We currently have participants in the programme who are successfully selling to/ located in; The USA, Canada, the Philippines, France, Germany, Spain, the UK, the Netherlands, Latvia and more.

How long is the programme?
Your participation and commitment to The C Suite® is for one year. When you join, you’ll have 12 month access to the portal and any updates, alongside 12 months inside the live community forum, 12 months access to the group hot-seat calls and 12 months access to the live business development days. And after 12 months, if you want to stay in and continue accessing the live components? It’s a small community renewal fee to make sure that our community stays super active and engaged.

What about Coronavirus? How will that impact my results?
Honestly, we’ve navigated coronavirus for the last six months - and people inside The C Suite® are doing really well. Activities are focused on results - and are ideal for anyone who is time-poor/ currently homeschooling. The corporate landscape is good - and whilst redundancies are expected to be made, corporations have more need than ever before for external suppliers to support them with the changing landscape and do have budgets to pay for them. In fact, some of our C Suiters have landed their biggest ever contracts and are expecting incredibly bright (and super profitable!) futures in 2021 and beyond.
If you’re concerned about your specialism/ business area and the impacts of coronavirus - just drop me an email at with your concerns and I’ll be happy to provide any relevant information so that you can make the best decision for you.

What kind of hiring managers can I expect to see at Pitch Clinics?
The organisations (and hiring managers) we have lined up for 2021 include;
NHS, Architecture, Recruitment, Sports, Financial Services 

What kind of people are inside The C Suite ®?
The C Suite ® is a diverse community and has participants from a variety of backgrounds, genders, age ranges and abilities. We are proud to be an inclusive community and committed to supporting all of our participants to achieve their best results. If you have any questions about our diversity and inclusion policies or our learning materials, please email and we’ll be happy to help.

Is there a results guarantee?
There is no ‘results guarantee’ for The C Suite ®. As the programme is dependent on the participant implementing and actioning the material, we cannot put a guarantee on all individuals doing the work. However, we have created a professionally accredited learning experience which has been externally verified as being the best possible learning environment to achieve results and are committed to providing the best support, strategies and up-to-date resources to support all of our participants. We also have over 1500 testimonials (collected from the first half of 2020) and a 98% success rate (of individuals regaining their ROI within 6 months of joining.)

Will it work in the Education/ Public Sector/ Financial Services or ‘other’ industries?
The strategies inside The C Suite ® have been designed and proven to work across multiple industries including; Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Public Sector and Not for Profit, Retail, FMCG, Defence and Aerospace, Financial Services, Professional Services, Construction and more. If you want to directly check whether the industry that you are targeting will be suitable for the strategies contained inside The C Suite ®, please email and we’ll be happy to help.

If I’m already making sales, do I need this?
If you’re already happy with the amount of sales that you’re making, the prices that you’re charging and the amount of lead generation/ delivery that you’re doing to see those results? No. If you are not happy with any aspect of your lead generation, business development, sales skills, revenue generation, proposal or offer creation, delivery or referrals, then you do need The C Suite ® and it will be suitable to help you in those areas.

How much contact time with Jess will I get?
Good question! The C Suite ® is a group learning experience. Whilst there is plenty of access to Jess in the private Facebook group (where she answers questions, reviews emails and provides support and feedback within 24 hours Monday - Friday) and in the group monthly hot-seat calls and business development days, it is not a 1:1 experience.

If you have any questions about The C Suite ®, just email I reply to every email personally Monday - Friday. 

Alternatively, if you want to chat directly about The C Suite ® and whether it’s the best option for you, click here to book a no pressure, decision making consultation where you’re able to ask any questions you have about The C Suite ®.

 Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don't apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, effort, work ethic, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.)
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